Data & Analytics

Loraxian provides a complete 360-degree utility service and data dashboard for all infrastructure installations, both new and existing.

We provide you with a tailored interface to visualize your consumption and validate your initiatives. Watch your consumption shrink enterprise-wide and immediately flagged are areas of fluctuation or deficiency. Our patent-pending algorithms for monitoring energy efficiency are the most powerful in the world, and can be accessed from anywhere.

This unprecedented level of access to actionable intelligence and predictive analytics provides for limitless opportunities to reduce operational costs.

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Existing Fragmented Renewable Energy Sector

Significant Barrier Many developed and emerging market economies (EMEs) around the world have aggressive renewable energy construction and deployment targets set for...

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Risk Mitigation

Loraxian’s RE Platform is a well-designed series of risk mitigation processes that manages or eliminates many of the traditional risks associated with underwriting RE greenfield...

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