Risk Mitigation

Loraxian’s RE Platform is a well-designed series of risk mitigation processes that manages or eliminates many of the traditional risks associated with underwriting RE greenfield projects, making investing in Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) and elsewhere much more simple and affordable to underwrite.

Standards and procedures were developed by Loraxian for each of the following:

  • Country Selection
  • Renewable Energy Producer Partners (REPPs)
  • Planning
  • Project Standards
  • Procurement

The Loraxian RE Platform standardizes the planning assumptions for all projects. This includes projected electricity generation (both present and future) for the duration of the project. Assumptions such as discount rate, inflation rate, project derate are standardized. By standardizing the assumptions, every project is easily benchmarked and measured.

Loraxian also standardizes software planning tools that are used by REPPs.

Loraxian’s buying group handles procurement standards on behalf of each REPP and sources RE components from a short list of tier 1 suppliers and vendors. This creates immense buying power and effectively reduces the overall project cost and increase project profitability like no other solution worldwide. To further simplify project underwriting, Loraxian’s buying group sources RE components with matching specifications with multiple vendors to ensure supply.

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