Loraxian is a global infrastructure development, energy and management company. Our “design”, “build/renew” and “hold” assets are diversified and balanced between utility, water treatment, building infrastructure and renewables. Our innovative set of services and capabilities provide a unique turnkey solution for developing new and renewed best-in-class infrastructure assets.

We also have a focus on growing our renewable power generation business in North America and South East Asia. We’re expanding our interests in renewable energy development and green technologies, including solar energy and hydroelectric, with a pipeline of more than 2.5 Gigawatts (GW) of renewable and alternative power generating capacity globally.

Our History

In 2014, Loraxian was officially incorporated – receiving its charter from the Ontario provincial government, and launching a success story that is expanding across the globe.

Originally, Loraxian recognized that existing models of acquiring new and renewed infrastructure assets impeded development in the private and public sector. A significant pent-up demand for the development of infrastructure assets was evident and required a solution. To address this demand, Loraxian committed itself to finding a solution. During a significant development process with an incredible knowledge base of skilled engineers, developers, and business strategists, Loraxian consulted with over 200 global organizations and have established partnerships with global vendors. Literally thousands of hours and millions of dollars have been invested in facility asset audits, finance modeling, engineering and software development. All with the goal to create the most advanced model of procurement, financing, maintenance and operational strategy for the organization.

The work was pivotal in spurring a new solution. Today, Loraxian has a new and dynamic turnkey set of capabilities, offering an advanced new platform for the next wave of infrastructure revitalization, expansion and renewable energy development. Loraxian is penetrating new markets and playing a critical role in developing best-in-class infrastructure assets in North America and Asia.

Through forging key alliances, partnerships, acquisitions and greenfield developments, Loraxian has now expanded to take an essential role in the energy and infrastructure marketplace. 

On March 1, 2017, Loraxian was pleased to announce the completion of a series of joint ventures between Loraxian and SAS Sunrise (a reinvestment company of Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., currently ranked third-largest solar wafer, cell and module provider globally, based in Taiwan) to develop significant renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia, with an initial focus on the Philippines. It is anticipated that over the 20-year life of this partnership, a minimum of two Gigawatts of new clean renewable power will be produced, providing unprecedented environmental and economic benefits.

Just as we were in 2014, Loraxian remains a company that looks to innovation and best- in-class practices to chart a course for success. Through our investment in infrastructure development, renewables (such as solar operations, hydro-electric projects, and new innovative technologies) we are committed to safety, reliability, and sustainably delivering the energy and infrastructure to make an impact on our society and in the economies we work.