Loraxian’s Strategic Plan, unveiled in October 2016, is a five-year planning horizon spanning from 2016 through 2021, is our road map to the future. It sets out the various actions and initiatives required to enable Loraxian to achieve its vision to be a leading infrastructure and energy development and delivery company.

The 2016 Strategic Plan addresses the new dynamics of the infrastructure and renewables business, including the near-term challenges of procurement and intensifying competition, and provides accessible capital, rigorous asset performance validation, management and operations along with environmental stewardship. The Plan also provides the foundation for all that we do at Loraxian – how each business, and each employee, can make a contribution – and supports our purpose of positively impacting our quality of life.

$12.5 Billion (USD) in Growth

We have a $2.9 Billion (USD) pipeline of infrastructure development and renewable energy projects to drive our near-term strategic priorities and initiatives. We also have $9.6 Billion (USD) in additional potential capital projects, which further extends our growth over the full 5-year Strategic Plan.

5-Year Projected Outcome

The financial results of our 2016 Strategic Plan remain robust. Loraxian is positioned to extend its growth through a buy, build, hold strategy utilizing development partnerships and acquisitions with continual growth in cash flow. Our ability to execute on our secured growth platform, manage our costs and continue operating our pipeline efficiently remain critical to achieving our planned results

Implement Standard Operating Procedures

At Loraxian, we have a significant and growing slate of secured projects. While these projects are diverse in nature, the majority of project growth will be development related.

Our focus on project management through the Loraxian proprietary Efficiency Data Interface (EDI) this standardization process enables us to safely deliver these projects on time, on budget, and at the lowest practical cost, while attaining the highest level of standards for quality, safety and environmental and regulatory compliance.

In parallel, as we expand our business, we must preserve our financing strength and flexibility. Effective capital market execution and strategies to optimize the availability of low-cost debt and equity are imperative, given our large pipeline of financing requirements.

Operational reliability and efficiency our #1 priority. We are committed to strengthening the Loraxian cost certainty, risk culture and ensuring we are global leaders in efficiency, safety and operational reliability.

Strengthen and Secure Loraxian’s Future

While we deliver on the already secured projects, we must stay focused on strengthening our company’s longer term future. This requires:

Strengthening our core businesses in new and renewed infrastructure developments and renewable energy projects for the private and public sectors including Municipalities, First Nations Groups and Utilities.

Developing new platforms for growth and diversification regionally and internationally in infrastructure development programs, renewables, alternative power generation, as well as exploring opportunities to invest in select energy markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mandating a strong organizational and cultural foundation requires us to:

Maintaining Loraxian’s values of Integrity, Safety, and Respect in everything we do as a company, and as employees.

Craft, create and promote Loraxian’s reputation and culture by building and maintaining public support in the community for our business activities and plans.

Attract, retain, and develop our people, keeping our employee retention and engagement levels strong through execution of our talent management strategy and by building employee engagement levels. Our people are what set us apart. We work hard to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. The entrepreneurial spirit of our business drives prosperity and creates opportunities for employees to build careers with real impact.