Every year, many North American private and public organizations face an unrelenting increase in building infrastructure renewal and expansion costs. Infrastructure portions of operational and capital budgets are becoming harder and harder to balance, and some of the choices each organization face are either to, delay much-needed new building projects, decrease facility management budgets or decrease competing budget items, with none of the alternatives being attractive. Much-needed building renewal and major new building expansions are often just delayed. For many organizations, there is a significant pent-up demand for the expansion or renewal of building infrastructure assets. Despite this demand, there are significant impediments to change within the infrastructure sector and current models of dealing with building infrastructure assets do not address these impediments.

Loraxian has found a new way forward. By addressing key impediments to building infrastructure development, Loraxian’s “new way forward” is a catalyst to unlock the next wave of infrastructure development across North America and globally. Always working collaboratively with its partners, Loraxian launches and manages the turnkey development, design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of large-scale building infrastructure renewal and expansion projects. Building infrastructure renewal includes updating all key attributes of a building, while building infrastructure expansion involves major new building projects.