Around the globe, there is a significant pent-up demand for the development of infrastructure assets. Current models of acquiring the use of new infrastructure assets or renewing existing infrastructure assets are not meeting this demand.

To address this demand, Loraxian committed itself to finding a solution. During a significant development process, Loraxian consulted with over 200 global organizations, established partnerships with global vendors and spent thousands of hours in software development all with the goal to unlock the challenge confronting the infrastructure sector, which was to address the issues impeding infrastructure development. Loraxian found the solution!

By taking a systematic approach in dealing with the myriad of issues impeding infrastructure development around the globe, Loraxian has created a unique service offering that will be the catalyst to the next wave of infrastructure development in North America and globally. Always working collaboratively with its partners, Loraxian launches and manages the turnkey development, design, build, finance, operation and maintenance of large-scale building and energy infrastructure projects.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Loraxian develops, constructs, procures and owns conservatively-managed, building and energy infrastructure assets with a long-term, build and hold strategy delivering secure and stable returns to its investors with a focus on southeast Asia and North America.