Regional and national governments in many regions around the world have significant energy and building infrastructure needs while private sector utilities around the globe have aggressive targets to add renewable energy generation capabilities to their energy generation portfolios. Loraxian has energy and building infrastructure platforms to address these needs.


Energy Infrastructure

Electrical Grid

Many developed and emerging market economies around the world have aggressive renewable energy construction and deployment targets set for the next several years.   Much of this energy generation are utility-scale renewable energy farms connected to the central grid. Governments and private utility companies are the buyers of this energy.


Increasingly governments are looking for an alternative solution to energy provided by the traditional central grid model for communities where grids are not available or where the current source of energy is uneconomical or inconsistent. Whatever the reason, governments are increasingly using a renewable energy generation microgrid solution to provide energy for local consumption. Solutions may or may not be connected to the electrical grid.

Loraxian has platforms to help governments and utility companies address their energy infrastructure requirements.


Building Infrastructure

The Mowat Centre, which is an independent public policy think tank located at the School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Toronto and Ontario’s non-partisan, evidence-based voice on public policy, said in a recent study there is a lack of capital available to reinvest in new infrastructure or update aging infrastructure. Many municipal and regional governments are looking for innovative methods to address significant needs in building renewal and expansion. Building renewal is the renewing of all aspects of an existing building, whereas, building expansion is the building of a new structure.

Loraxian has platforms to help governments address both building renewal and expansion.


Why Loraxian?

There are two platforms that Loraxian created to deliver its infrastructure development programs to governments and private utilities:

Platform 1

Platform objective: Energy generation infrastructure for connection to electrical grids

Sectors: Governments and private utilities

A few key attributes really make the Loraxian’s Platform 1 successful:

  • Financing – A key advantage to Loraxian’s Platform 1 is the collaborative approach Loraxian uses in funding each project
  • Big data analytics & data monitoring – A key advantage to the Loraxian’s Platform 1 is provided through its application of big data analytics and predictive analytics. The monitoring, reports and alerts provide all stakeholders with much greater control of the asset and reduces cost.
  • Risk mitigation and standardization – The extensive risk mitigation and standardization features built into Loraxian’s Platform 1 provides all stakeholders with a sense of confidence that project development will be consistent from one project to the next.


Platform 2

Platform objective:

  1. Energy generation infrastructure for local community use (either connected to grid or off-grid)
  2. All building infrastructure

Sectors: Governments

The Loraxian Platform 2 provides governments with an opportunity to avoid large capital expenditures and variable operational costs on urgently-needed infrastructure projects, and a turnkey delivery of development, design, procurement, construction / installation, finance, operation, maintenance and monitoring at a fixed-cost budget for the life of the project.

Infrastructure projects can avoid delays due to a lack of capital or barriers to raising capital, and can now properly forecast and budget operational costs long-term.  Other benefits to governments include:

  • Focus on long term community and organizational betterment – Loraxian’s process of providing unbiased, unpressured, professional advice frees up governments to plan for the long term and to plan for the use of infrastructure assets with a government-centred focus.
  • Greater control – Loraxian’s use of real-time budget validation and data monitoring systems using data analytics provide an up-to-the-moment understanding of how assets are performing, thereby providing significant control over their management.
  • Increased peace of mind – with a focus on transparency and experienced unbiased advice, the government sector participant has the peace of mind knowing its best interests are always prioritized.
  • Operational effectiveness – Loraxian’s structure significantly streamlines data gathering, decision-making and processes, all in a turnkey solution leveraging seasoned experts made available to the government sector participant.
  • Budget planning made easy – since Loraxian’s Platform 2 provides budget-neutrality and cost certainty for the expected life of the asset, this platform effectively controls rising infrastructure costs. This allows for much easier long-term infrastructure budget planning. ­